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West Coast style.

A trip to the West coast of New Zealand was the theme for the lazy weekend.

We set off on a beautiful sunny day and headed West towards Karekare, which is still very much an untouched beach with the tracks and walkways to the ocean carved out in the vegetation from the visiting adventurers over the decades. Starting point was the car park and a quick 10 minute walk over the oh so very hot black volcanic sand, Im sure it retains the heat more than normal coloured sand its so damn hot! 

So whilst the Ladies were off enjoying themselves I was cleaning!..... filters as the sea spray gets everywhere.

Fun had by all 3 of us and it was the a somewhat easier walk back to the car as the heat had eased on the sand, or had my feet got use to it and I was slowly being boiled from beneath. Always a good decision when someone says "Pizza for dinner" and within minutes we where all sat eagerly awaiting a feast of pizzas to arrive at the cafe in Piha.

Piha now thats a different story, as Meg couldn't make out the lion and even when we walked around its was a yes I see it but it isn't a lion.

For exploring in our own back yard ( less than 1 hour from home) we had great day with lots of laughter and memories to last. Where to next Jo?

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PS: Meg this IS a Lion!

Lion Rock Piha

Lion Rock Piha