Who is behind the camera

Who is Wayne

I haven’t ridden on the back of an elephant across the desert or hand glided through the forests of Bavaria. But I have traveled around the world and have gathered a wide knowledge base from the university of life.

My passion is storytelling through still images using my professional experience gained on my journey so far with the support of my amazing wife Jo Jo.

 In 2012 we relocated to New Zealand, and I picked up a camera and was hooked on image making and what New Zealand had to offer and also make all friends and family jealous of our new home.

Looking at life through a lens has opened my eyes and mind to the vast, intricate beauty of the world we live in. Through photography, I have developed a sincere appreciation for nature and learned to understand and admire life’s simplicity. The act of freezing a moment in time has forever changed me, and my entire outlook on life.”

Get in touch and let's make something special happen together. Contact me either by phone on +64 (0) 21 303 691 or email.


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