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Why I switched from Nikon to Fujifilm

Over the past few weeks I have been asked numerous times, why have you left Nikon and switched to Fujifilm.

The answer is not an easy one, I certainly do not have more money than sense, am I in pursuit of the ultimate camera? No I would have upgraded my Nikon D810 to the D850 if I wanted an all round camera that can shot almost all situations, but I didn’t see it as an upgrade.

I wished that the Nikon Z7 had more, better than the D850 or at least be as good as the latest Sony walkman thingy but it hasn’t and its going to take at least a couple of versions to get there which is fine and I know Nikon will do it.

I always said my next upgrade would be to medium format so for me the Fujifilm GFX 50s although its not true medium format but a cropped version compared to Phase one or Hasselblad was the obvious choice from a cost perspective.


I wanted something that required me as a photographer to be more creative and think about what I am shooting and to slow my process down and enjoy the art of creating an image and a story.

I have always admired Fujifilm and the way they look, feel and function, the passion you hear and see when you meet a Fujifilm photographer, they talk about creating images and not about megapixels and low light performance or full frame this or look down at you if you shoot cropped framed sensor they smile when they talk about the colours their camera’s produce and are passionate about the camera irrespective of the model but of the brand.


I want to produce better quality images and print more and explore the art of photography and feel like I have stepped off the bullet train and walked across the platform and jumped onto a steam train, we are going to the same destination but one will get me there more elegantly and relaxed.


So that’s it in a nutshell really, why I have moved, maybe I’m getting old or maybe I just want quality of life and quality of images, whichever way it suits me for the moment.