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Let’s set the world on fire.

So now you are a master photographer, your bank account is bursting with all those exposure dollars that everybody has paid you, and you apparently do not have time for "let’s collaborate" and leverage off each other and set the world on fire as they are the ones that become successful and you helped them along their journey. 

The only winner generally is the brand but pay attention and talk about what do they want and what’s also in it for you, what are their long-term goals and do you fit into their business model and campaigns going forward. 

So you have your niche in photography, and nobody else is doing what you do ( find that quite difficult to believe) but check out what other photographers are shooting.  

I predominantly shoot Landscape, cityscapes and night photography but that doesn’t stop me looking and getting inspiration from so many other walks of life. 

Here are some people that I find give me creative inspiration.

Click on the name to go to the respective channel.

Casey Neistat with over 10 million subscribers on YouTube has to be doing something right. I love his energy and dedication to what he does.

 Thomas Heaton Great Landscape photographer who brings out emotion in his images,  his  YouTube video's make complete sense about shooting in the great outdoors.

Dennis The Prescott Food creator and photographer, leaves you wanting to cook and photograph the fantastic array of food and then eat it although, by the time you have shot it as he does, the food will be cold.

Darren Jew will leave you spellbound with his amazing underwater images of sea life that he has the privilege of shooting.

Tim Wallace ex-military now a commercial photographer takes the most amazing automotive images.

Chris Burkard simple motto "Have camera will travel", and Chris will take you on a journey all over the world and documenting the good and the hard side of life as a successful photographer.

Michelle Weir

Anupam Singh Thakur  

Paul Reiffer

Clark Little

This is just a short list of the many talented people that I follow and draw my inspiration from, but one thing that binds them all together is hard work, resilience and dedication to their chosen craft. They have failed, and they have succeeded.

Leave me a comment who inspires you and why

Your 10STOP 

Wayne Boardman