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What are we doing to New Zealand

I’m guilty of it, and if you have been to some of these places, then you are also guilty of it.

What is he rambling on about, bare with me and I will explain.

Last week I ventured down Mt Cook road heading towards Mt Cook Village in New Zealand, and halfway down is a little car park and a vantage point, called Peters point, now only a couple of years ago this was big enough for a few cars and some camper vans. At the vantage point you get the winding road heading to Mt Cook village, but on a clear day, you can see the majestic Mt Cook in the distance, a photographers dream shot.


Last week as I arrived I witnessed the new editions to the location more car parking spaces, and a toilet block this place is now well and truly on the tour bus map. Truly a shame to see that a once small location is now on the tour bus “ must stop locations.” The Church of the Good Shepherd is no different they are even erecting a fence to keep people off the grass and reduced the damage that is being caused by a few mindless individuals that decide that they do not have to adhere to the rules and have no respect for the property or nature for that matter.

The boulders of Moeraki are also under threat as people etch their names in it as a permanent reminder that we were here, with no consequence or regard to the fact that they are there for everyone to enjoy.


I understand when photographers do not give away locations to others it's not rude or arrogant, its to protect the location, nothing is secret and with some investigating and map reading you will find it.

We do need to start being more respectful to the environment we are in and what we post and always leave it as we found it and stay on the walkways and viewing platforms as what we post influences others to do the same or wander off and the designated tracks and ruin the location for generations to come.

This is happening globally due to the hugely popular image sharing sites that are available; there is nothing easier than hashtagging an image location, and before long it's on the photography circuit with the cost of travel cheaper than ever before it's our responsibility to be mindful of the locations we post.

Food for thought and I will be changing how I post locations going forward.