A selection of behind the scenes, what 10stopphotography has been doing and what shiny new equipment we have been reviewing.

Talk a walk on the wild side with the Fujifilm GF 110mm F2 R WR

Why do we remain in a comfort zone, and photograph the things we know?  Is it because we achieve a good result in a certain genre? Have you tried a different genre? What happened? Were you inspired or were you able to transfer some of the new found learnings across to your main genre of photography?

I have, since taking up photography, always said I don’t shoot people; but this isn’t actually true. I have photographed events, awards and numerous running events, all with people, all involving people and funnily enough for people.
When I looked at my social media feeds I  realised that I also follow so many people photographers,  be it portrait photographers from the greats of the studios to the obscurity of Chinese street art. I also follow lighting setups and I talk about lighting techniques, I even own lighting setups and backdrops. What was stopping me from embracing people photography? Is it because saying  “I don’t shoot that” was easier than, stepping outside my comfort zone and trying? 

My good close friend Anupam is a fashion photographer and we have been friends for over four years, we catch up every week we message nearly every day, we talk about every genre of photography and he has been on countless outings shooting Landscapes, Cityscapes and Astro but I have never been inside his world, never seen him at work or even shot for myself. 
As I said before, I have the gear, but no idea. This is changing...
A suggestion over a beer about a studio workshop resulted in 8 friends meeting up at White Studios on a Saturday morning. Three different lighting setups in place and a bunch of actors/models from Red11 agency attending  for potential portfolio shots. Annupam hosted and played the part of teacher. 

The noise in the studio of people asking questions and speaking with the models drowned out the radio and the place felt alive.
Techniques and settings were shared, with nobody hogging the secret sauce to a good image. It was a bunch of people (some) stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new. It was great to be part of it and to learn. 
Everyone walked away with a stack of images worth keeping and everyone had a far better knowledge of lighting, setting up lighting and the network of friends was strengthened.

Stepping away from the norm had a very positive impact on our group and I dare say will be the start of many more beautiful images in the days to come.

Thanks to Photogear for loaning me the 110mm GF F2 lens, what a stunning lens that is. I will be working on the wife for a spend budget. 

Many thanks to Ashleigh from Canon NZ for bringing along the mirrorless cameras for people to try.
M&M’s sponsored the sweet tooth.

Many thanks to the talented people from Red 11
Biggest thanks to Anupam for showing us your world. Awesome teacher and a positive experience. Here is a link to Anupams work.

Image courtesy of Anupam

Image courtesy of Anupam