A selection of behind the scenes, what 10stopphotography has been doing and what shiny new equipment we have been reviewing.

Spring is almost here.

If you are living in the southern hemisphere, the climate is changing, and spring is upon us, and what a funny kind of winter we have had it has been freezing and damp on the North Island and in the South Island snowfields that didn’t get much snow.

So with the season change, this means the days begin to get longer sunrise is earlier, and the warmer weather gives us that much-needed vitamin D.

Photography projects start to spring to mind and catch up’s with other like-minded people happen, and again we see familiar faces at familiar locations, and the conversation begin’s something like  “ its been ages haven’t seen you around.” “how are you, hows the family.”

Photographers are made up of a particular breed always willing to share their knowledge and assist where they can some even tell you the location from where they got that last image. Before you know it, mobile phones come out, and the stories begin it’s a great connection between people, and for a few good minutes, the taking of photographs becomes distant until the light is right and then it's like watching horse racing everyone is in the zone snapping away getting the shot.

From the seconds it takes to create to the glance at the back of the screen to the final image, then the questions start “ did you get anything?” “ no not really” is is an often used sentence or “don’t know will have a look later” or “ not really may have one I can use for social media.” The reality is we become very close and protective of our unedited images as if we are going to be criticised for taking a raw, unedited image, and nobody but nobody sees them before they have had the editing suite thrown at them until the grand unveiling.

The good thing is we all get our own set of images we all edit differently, and our eyes see different things which are great, and no location is ever the same that’s the beauty of photography no two days are the same. So why do we become possessed over unedited images like its an incompetence thing or are we afraid of the criticism of not capturing the perfect picture in camera and you have to go to the digital darkroom and conjure up some wizardry to make a decent image.


So looking forward to the warmer, drier weather. Are you if you are in the southern hemisphere.