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Not like it use to be.

Grab a coffee moment.

What is the subject genre you shoot, why do you call it street photography when it isn’t, why is it landscape photography when it’s a city skyline image.

I have read a few things this week about people categorising their images as one thing, and according to somebody it's incorrect and how dare they call it that.


Photography has changed, evolved,  moved on very quickly over the past few years and we all either move on with it, accept it and continue to do what we enjoy, or give it up as it's not for you.

Let me explain five years ago how many images did you see from the top of the crane on a construction site, or somebody that is photographing their sneakers off the rooftop of a building with fairy lights dangling off them? Answer never.


But nowadays its mainstream and accepted we are in an age where anything is possible, and everyone should be accepting of creative digital photography.

People still go on about the digital age and to be a photographer you need to have shot with film when the world was black and white, and we spent hours in a darkroom creating a perfect image, nowadays its all manipulated in Photoshop and isn’t real. Sometimes that is true and its then digital art but sometimes its the photographer's skill of getting every ounce of detail from the capture to show us.


Nobody likes change, change brings fear and uncertainty, and for some, it brings new opportunities and inspires to grow and be better. What side of the fence do you sit on?


We have to accept what was normal years ago is seen as old-fashioned and boring nowadays. We live in a fast paced society where we can capture an image process and post to social media within minutes,  all the comfort of a rooftop somewhere in Dubai or New York and two days later capture the northern lights in Iceland while fulfilling a bucket list item.  As well as you should have been there, it was an intense moment, changed my life forever.


It's not my world but it doesn’t mean that I disapprove of it, I have no ambition to travel the world in an 18-year-old landrover sleep in a roof tent and eat berries for a year capturing the world as I go.  But I respect those and enjoy seeing their images as they do it, the same as I have not intention to climb a crane in Auckland NZ and show off the city skyline wearing my favourite brand of sneakers but it happens.


What next electric cars… the world has gone mad.