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NiSi V5 filter holder system review.

Well that didn't take long for NiSi to react to everyone's comments and reviews regarding the V3 filter holder. Whilst they have produced a great piece of gear, there was a few things that let it down, one being there was no option to store the filter holder, the 82mm Pro CPL and the adapter ring when not in use.

Another issue that NiSi took on board from photographers comments, was the release pin on top. NiSi have moved the release pin from the position at the top, to a more convenient one at the side. A small change that makes a big difference to the use. It's now much easier to take the holder on and off the adaptor ring. The holder also seems to be a more solid construction with the foam insert present on the V3 becoming a single piece of aluminium on the V5. 

Before we go any further I need to say thank you to the great team at http://photogear.co.nz in Auckland who have supplied me with the filter holder on behalf of http://www.nisidigital.com/en/  Photogear are the official NZ stockist of Nisi filters.

Well lets unpack the box and take a look at the new NiSi V5 filter holder. The one I have to test is the 100mm kit.

First off packaging has been redesigned and now takes on a pleasing appearance. 

On opening the box the first thing that is apparent is a very nice leather effect case, embossed with the NiSi logo on the magnetically secured front flap. The contents are easily accessible from the 3 padded compartments in which they are neatly organised and round the back is a belt loop. The case is very well constructed and compliments the quality of the product inside.


The other issue that photographers had with the design of the V3 holder, was the release pin being positioned on the top. The V5 has the pin now situated on the side and feels far more natural to take on and off the Pro CPL during the initial test.

These are two major updates that the V5 has received. And as with its predecessor it comes packaged with three lens adapter rings 67 - 82mm, 72 - 82mm and 77- 82mm to house the 82mm Pro CPL.



Fitting the Pro CPL to the adapter ring can be quite fiddly initially but once you have the hang of it, it becomes second nature and I think most photographers will leave the adapter rings and the CPL built up.

What it all looks like on camera.


NiSi have listened to the user feedback and have gone back and upgraded the system I do know that whist V3 was good this new updated V5 is already better.

Great job NiSi.