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NISi ND 1000 review (The 10 stop)

The battle of the filters is always a strongly fought contest between Lee, B&W, Hoya and Tiffen to name a few but it's time to rethink and welcome a new contender to the fold the NiSi ND 1000.

First impressions always count and NiSi do not disappoint on this front as the filter comes packed in its own pouch with product name on the clear plastic sleeve at the back, great when you have multiple filters and need to locate them quickly.



I am not going to bore you with all the technical specs on Nano glass and water resistant coatings ( which it has) butI will tell you this feels and looks like a quality piece of glass. Unlike some of it competitors the ND1000 already comes with a foam gasket installed, big advantage to them for doing that. The glass is also etched with the type of filter it is, so no confusion when out on location on what it is in your filter holder.

All ND filters have a colour cast of some description irrespective of what they say, NiSi says that the ND 1000 has a low colour cast and this on my Nikon D810 is a blue tint to the image but with correct white balance settings and adjustments in post image processing software will remove the colour cast.

So how does it preform out on location? Well firstly in conjunction with the NiSi V3 100mm filter holder the 2mm thick glass sits very tight in the filter holder and is secure.

All the images were taken using a Nikon D810 with the Nikon 24-70 mm.

couple of minutes later the final image was taken with the NiSi ND1000 fitted.

As you can see from the final image the filter has given us slow cloud movement and glass like water and amazing depth in the colours.

The filter did not give me any light leaks and the image did not require a lot of post processing, this is a true gem to have in the camera bag and Nisi have hit the scene with a bang, all the rivals need to be worried as this is yet again great work by the Team at Nisi