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Nisi V3 100mm System Camera Filter Holder review

The NiSi V3 filter holder is made of high quality aluminium and manufactured from a single piece, it is lightweight and extremely easy and simple to install even with one hand, it has three slots to fit 100mm filters.

So thats all the technical spec's out of the way and the real question is it any good?

Short answer to that is Yes it is, for a this relatively unknown company Nisi for those of us that live outside of China the filter holder is very well assembled and feels and looks like a high end piece of equipment. Whilst the price may seem high don't forget you are also getting a 82mm Circular polarizer in the purchase as well, making the NiSi V3 filter holder very competitively priced.

Tests in the field proved to go without any issues with the CPL filter fitting very well on my Nikon Lenses at 77mm and feeling secure, the 82mm CPL filter didn't obstruct or get in the way. A small downside is that the 82mm CPL filter does not come with a carry case ( but NiSi are working on this) which should alleviate this minor problem.

The filter ring is kept securely in place by the quick release thumb screw situated on top of the filter holder and by 2 small lugs at the bottom, pull the thumb screw and the filter holder comes away from the CPL filter its that easy to remove the filter holder, awesome when you have a ND 1000 (10 Stop) filter attached and you need to refocus on your subject


Great work NiSi and the next review will be of the NiSi ND1000 filter.