A selection of behind the scenes, what 10stopphotography has been doing and what shiny new equipment we have been reviewing.

A brand new website is born

Well out with the old and in with the New as they say!

Whats happening? a lot, a new web site with what I think is a good clean crisp look.

Tell me what you think?


Other news the great guys at http://photogear.co.nz/ in the next few days have an amazing Nisi bundle that they are putting together for you all to enjoy http://photogear.co.nz/nisi-100mm-premium-filter-kit.html well worth checking it out and big savings to be had

Have a look in the Workshops section we have an amazing workshop coming up in June 16, places are filling and numbers are very limted if you want to take your photography to the next level then this is for you.


Look forward to seeing you if you are NZ based out and about.