A selection of behind the scenes, what 10stopphotography has been doing and what shiny new equipment we have been reviewing.


We are loyal to so many things, be it our favourite coffee brand or baked beans. This goes further to the clothing brands we wear, to the cars we drive.

But most of us become territorial and passionate and defensive when it comes to the camera brand we use the mobile phone we continuously have in our hands, or the computer system we use to edit those images we shot.  

But one thing a lot of us have lost is our loyalty to where we buy our cameras or our photography equipment; we are always on the search for the best price, cheapest option, search the Internet for hours or days at a time. I do the same but find that I still end up in the same place -  Photogear on Auckland's North Shore or their second store in Ponsonby (this is not sponsored or endorsed by Photogear).

And the reason why I go there is simple. They know the products and understand what I require, the team take the time to find out what I want and provide a solution to my problem or know what I am trying to achieve and have the answer.

So what am I receiving while spending my hard earned money? Advice on a product or a hard sell? It isn't a hard sell as none of the staff pushes the sale or tries to get you to take the next model up or buy a spare just in case one fails. 

Yes, you may pay slightly more when buying from a physical store, but the cost of advising and listening is free your not going to get that while buying from offshore based camera suppliers. If you don't know what it is slightly embarrassed about asking as you do not understand the technical jargon I recommend that you pop into their stores and talk to them you will come away with a lot more knowledge and slightly less weight in your purse or wallet.  

You can find them online at www.Photogear.co.nz and the physical store adresses are on there as well.


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