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Get out shoot and F&@k social media.

With the ever changing world we live in and all those beautiful pictures we look at (as you sit there on the couch and scroll through social media) and think I wish that was me doing that, they are so lucky how did they get to be so lucky. 

Truth in a lot of cases is they are not really earning a living from being in the most exotic  location, yeh the company may pay the air ticket and a few bucks for a hotel and in return want 6-10 shots posting in social media saying hey look at me I’m in a place you can’t afford.  But what about the real world of paying a mortgage or raising a family oh and the fact 99% of the real world have jobs. 

Reality is if you can live on $1000 a month knock yourself out and live that lifestyle, it is not substainable long term.

Brand X want to use me in a campaign and I will get so much exposure, tread carefully it may be good it may also do you harm long term.   

Shoot what you want, shoot what makes you happy. Don’t shoot because it will look good on social media and I will get a gazillion likes. Serioulsy nobody gives a fuck nowadays only a very small handful are successful and well done to them, the rest of us make get a lucky break here and there, but please remember being on top can be short lived if not constantly worked on.  


Sat thinking why am I not famous, haha


Yours 10STOP.