A selection of behind the scenes, what 10stopphotography has been doing and what shiny new equipment we have been reviewing.

All work and no play!

What is going on, all work and no play as the title suggests.  

A real drought, not inspired, lost my mojo (did I even have it) winter blues or good old creative block. 

All of the above and also the fact that I have taken up a new role in the company that I work for, is it a crap excuse of course it is but sometimes we all need a good break. 

That said I have been out and have captured a few images, have I missed being out capturing the Milky Way or crawling out of bed in the dark of night to shoot sunrise, or running around the city late at night capturing the city skyline of course I have missed it.  


Sunrise at St Mary’s Bay Auckland.  

Owharoa Falls with my Son braving the bitterly cold waters.

Owharoa Falls with my Son braving the bitterly cold waters.

I have not completely lost touch and have been keeping up with what people have been doing and what is happening in the industry 


Auckland harbour bridge to tell the story of Matariki. This signals the Māori New Year. It is a time of renewal and celebration in New Zealand that begins with the rising of the Matariki star cluster (the Pleiades or Seven Sisters).


Really looking forward to the longer days as spring is upon us and the warmer weather so I can come out of hibernation and get out shooting again.


A winter wonderland at Tongariro on New Zealand’s North Island.  

See you all real soon. 

Yours 10STOP 

And if you see me be sure to say Hi or beep.  

Wayne Boardman