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A little gem by NiSI for $20

Popped into Photogear  this afternoon to buy some batteries. Jay the store owner said to me  "try this" and handed me a little package.



"Whats this?" I enquired as at first glance I couldn't quite work out what it actually was. The neatly arranged package was presented well but the blurb was in Chinese. So it took me a moment to work it out. 

Oh I get it, its a filter cleaning pad of some description.




Well lets get this thing unpacked and see if it's any good. As most of my filters from Nisi spend their life at an ocean, being constantly sprayed with sea mist, keeping them clean is a nightmare, as most of you seascapers will know.

The filter cleaner consists of a smart white protective case that splits in two to reveal a spring mounted, square shaped suedetté cleaning surface. I am pretty sure the inch square surface is impregnated with unicorn dust (or some carbon based substance such as charcoal) as it worked like magic at cleaning my filters. 

I unpacked all my NiSi filters onto the table and began to clean them one by one. The cleaning pad did not leave any residue on the filters. The process was quick and simple and worked like a dream. To be really sure that it wasn't a one trick pony,  I put thumbprints across the centre of the glass and with a quick wipe - swoosh, it was gone like magic. 

Great little handy piece of gear to have in the camera bag for $20.00.