A selection of behind the scenes, what 10stopphotography has been doing and what shiny new equipment we have been reviewing.

A Brit in a Britz, The Journey.

Wow those great guys and Gals at Britz, have given me a discount code if you are interested in booking, so what are you waiting for, follow the link to the ultimate road trip experience of your own. Our trip

For the past 8 days I have spent my time traveling around New Zealand's South island, on my own in a camper van from the team at  Britz Campers . #gobycamper

Day One. Picking up the camper van from Queenstown Airport was super easy, the van was ready to go, heated up and with instructions on how to use the van. The team were first class, they even supplied me with a super sat nav equipped with extras such as campermate, and  also doubled as a wifi hotspot. Awesome work.

The journey started at Queenstown to Glentanner near Mt Cook, to spend the night and then photograph sunrise the following morning at Hooker Lake. Taking in the views of New Zealands highest mountain, Mt Cook.

Day Two. It was a very early start and the outside temperatures were well into double figures, minus double figures that is. I didn't want to get up, I was toasty warm in the van, under my duvet, but I had to. After my morning ritual cup of coffee, I was away, heading down the track in snow and ice to get to Hooker Lake.

I was greeted by a 360 degree panoramic view of mountains, snow and ice. Utterly surrounded by snow, floating ice and glaciers, I finally felt at one with the cold. Call me Olaf.

Day Three. Waking up at Lake Tekapo was pretty amazing. I just sat in my van looking out onto the snow capped mountains drinking coffee (all my trips include lots and lots of coffee) and taking it all in. It is a great way to spend time.

Day Four. A big drive today, stopping off at various locations between Tekapo and Te Anau,  I wanted to get to Te Anau by sunset to photograph the jetty that goes into the lake. With no time to spare I arrived, within minutes of sunset and after a great day of driving. Sunset did not disappoint either.

Day Five. What should have been a short drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound took what felt like ages. The roads are so narrow and windy, that you have to take it easy, but with such spectacular views, who would want to rush? There were plenty of photo opportunities along the way and I didn't miss a single one, stopping frequently to appreciate the landscapes.


Day Six. In Milford Sound -without a mobile phone signal, was a new concept to me. What did we do before mobile phones? With time to think and relax, the time here was like a holiday from the holiday. Feeling totally off line gave me plenty of time to explore Milford Sound and capture some amazing images at sunrise, sunset and of the night sky.

Day Seven. A local was telling me that the southern lights were visible in the Southern night sky, so whilst having lunch at Te Anau I researched good locations to shoot this from and decided on Waipapa Lighthouse at the very bottom of New Zealand. One of the huge benefits of having the freedom of a camper van is that you can change your plans to suit you, whenever you want to change them. I was so excited to have seen the southern lights. What an experience. Thank you local! And thank you sat nav; you found me a local camp site to stay at for the night.


Day Eight. My stay at Waipapa Point meant that I had another long drive ahead of me to return to Queenstown. I wanted to capture Queenstown at sunset/night.  Fortunately for me the weather was kind and it was a good night for photography.

With over 1800Km behind me and lots of photographs taken, I sit here now whilst typing this reflecting (with a cup of coffee) on what an awesome trip that was. For the help from the team at Britz who made this possible and for Donna the camper van - thank you.