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A Fuji update.

Having owned and shot with the Fujifilm GFX 50S for the past seven weeks

I get asked the same questions time and time again,  “What's it like” “Can you tell the difference.”

Yes, it is very different to my old DSLR, in many ways and here are my unscientific results so far.


You have to think about what you want to shoot – same as a DSLR then.

If you dial in the wrong settings, its unforgiving and the image isn’t going to happen.

It has no in-body or lens stabilisation, I hear you, ”I don’t need it anyway”, trust me when you don’t have it as an option it takes a while to get used to it.


It only shoots three frames a second, so basically you have three frames to capture the subject, not like some other cameras on the market that are 20+. I compare it to being an Army sniper he only has one shot to get the target, whereas you watch a Hollywood blockbuster and it’s a case of thousands of rounds are fired to get the same result.


Flash and studio lights set up is a little confusing and requires a bit of manual switching this on, switching that off but again over time it will become second nature.

I find myself still reaching for buttons and dials knowing that's where they are on the Nikon why is that not there etc., but slowly getting use to the menus and the button layouts.

What is the image quality like, this is where I have been blown away with the amount of detail and sharpness of an image front to back, and the colours the Fuji are producing are stunning.


I have made the switch to Capture One Pro since buying the camera and have found that transition from LightRoom very easy and editing the Fuji files so much easier and also have more tools to edit with.

 Although Capture One is a more methodical way to edit but this suits my editing style and have set up the home screen to how I edit, which to me makes sense.


So in a nut shell its big, its heavy its slow, it makes me think more and react accordingly to the situation, its so good to own and use so far


But a long way way to go yet.

Cheers Wayne